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Why Lundin Gold?

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Lundin Gold offers challenging, diverse opportunities at our Fruta del Norte operations in Ecuador. As a Lundin Group Company, we attract employees of exceptional talent who bring a broad world view to our corporate culture. We approach our business goals with integrity, compassion, and a strong desire to be the best in the industry.

Here's what a career at Lundin Gold can offer you:

Rewarding Opportunities

At Lundin Gold, we encourage and reward creativity and initiative in getting the job done. Employees are empowered to respond quickly and effectively, with direct lines of communication to executive management. With plenty of room for growth, both personally and professionally, Lundin Gold employees have abundant opportunities to make their mark.

Supportive Teams and Leadership

We believe in personal accountability across all levels of the company. You can count on senior leadership to make responsible decisions, and we expect the same from all employees.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Because we care about keeping the best people, we offer competitive pay and benefits. We've designed our compensation and benefits offerings to attract and retain the industry's top talent.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety and the Environment

We place unparalleled emphasis on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and on being good stewards of the environment -commitments we take very seriously. We maintain stringent Health, Environment and Safety (HES) policies, and high standards of social responsibility throughout our operations.

Career Advancement

We provide numerous avenues for skills enhancement and professional growth and we reward top performers with career advancement opportunities.

If your vision for your career matches up with what it takes to succeed at Lundin Gold, take the first step toward joining us: view our jobs1 page for a list of available positions.

1 The potential careers or positions summarized on this website each relate to a specific employer, which may be Lundin Gold Inc, or a subsidiary.  
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