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Corporate Social Responsibility

Health and Safety

At Lundin Gold, health and safety are our number one priority. This extends to our employees, partners, contractors, suppliers, and in the communities in which we operate. Throughout our organization we are committed to achieving excellence in health and safety performance, and to ensuring everyone returns home safe and healthy every day.

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The Environment

Lundin Gold recognizes that its operations can have significant environmental impacts on local communities throughout the life cycle of mining operations. Some of these impacts include land use changes, environmental degradation, and population influx, offset by increased economic opportunities and development in the areas of infrastructure, health, education, and micro-enterprise.

In compliance with local laws and international best practices, the company uses baseline and impact assessment tools; evaluates how to avoid, mitigate or control potentially significant impacts; implements appropriate monitoring and management systems; and addresses the need for mine closure.

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Community Investment

The objective of Lundin Gold's community investment program is to build shared prosperity by providing tangible support to locally impacted communities in coordination with local and national authorities, with a focus on enhancing local benefits...

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Our Commitment

Lundin Gold's Corporate Responsibility Commitment sets out the company's mission, guiding principles, and strategic objectives, with a view to ensuring cross-operational consistency among all exploration, development, and production sites.

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